Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Quick Update...

Hi Everyone! 

So, as you all know, Baby Millie was born bang on due date on Sunday at 10:34am. Unfortunately, the labour wasn't as straight forward as I had hoped but we're both doing fine and settling in well at home. 

It's a struggle at the moment to fit everything into the day trying to work around her feeding / sleeping routine and trying to sleep whenever I can myself because I never really got any until yesterday morning. I find myself nocturnal at the moment so sit up watching her sleep or have her sleeping on me, however... THIS NEEDS TO STOP

Just a quick post really to let you all know i'm still here... I have a few scheduled posts up and although i'm not able to take part in any blogger chats, i'd appreciate if you could share my link with others - RT'ing when you want etc. 

Next post I write will hopefully be my birth experience, including photos! 

For now though, thank you all SO MUCH for the well wishes and congratulations. I never thought i'd receive so many messages but every single one of them are appreciated! 

Love and Thanks & Cuddles from Millie