Thursday, 30 May 2013

My First MAC Lipsticks

I wonder how many of you that joined in the #bbloggers chat last week bought some fancy new lipsticks, hey!? I know I did! 

Yeah... you saw right. My FIRST MAC Lipsticks were purchased with thanks to the #bbloggers chat last week and I am so glad that I got them. I absolutely love them! I love them that much, they're still boxed and on show on my make-up box! 

A bit of a debate was sparked up over what shade I should get for my first lipstick and 'Girl about town' was recommended quite a few times... So was 'Hue' and 'Creme Cup' but i'm more of a bold colour type'a girl so natural and nude shades aren't really for me. Keeping this in mind, when I saw the colour of 'Girl about town', I fell in love instantly and added it to my basket... 

I then come across 'Cockney' as I dangerously browsed the MAC website the day after and this somehow found its way into my basket and then through my letterbox a few days later. Oopsie! 

 Top - Cockney Bottom - Girl about town
 Left - Cockney Right - Girl about town 
 Right - Girl about town Left - Cockney
Girl about town 
(I apologise for 1: my skin & 2: the picture quality. I haven't been taking care of my skin like I should so i've broken out a little & my camera is broke so i'm having to use my iPhone)

I must admit, I was weary about spending £14 on a lipstick because my lips are probably my worst feature in that they are always SO dry and chapped and I constantly pick them (bad habit) but both of these lipsticks are nourishing and they didn't go dry at all. 

I wore 'Girl about town' on Saturday and it stayed on for over 6 hours and only come off really when I started eating / drinking. Even then, I was still left with a bit around the edges so it's staying power is incredible. It is a gorgeous Barbie Pink colour which stands out and looks fab with a bold eyeliner and big lashes!

I wore 'Cockney' on Sunday and again, it stayed on for a good few hours and only really came off once I ate. It's shimmery colour means that I applied a little more than normal to give a bolder colour but I think maybe next time, I will apply over a liner rather than layering the lipstick. It is a shimmery Red colour but not too dramatic which is why I wanted to apply a little more to help it stand out a bit. 

I'll definitely be buying another colour and already have a few in mind so keep your eyes peeled for the next addition to my growing MAC Lipsticks!