Thursday 30 May 2013

My First MAC Lipsticks

I wonder how many of you that joined in the #bbloggers chat last week bought some fancy new lipsticks, hey!? I know I did! 

Yeah... you saw right. My FIRST MAC Lipsticks were purchased with thanks to the #bbloggers chat last week and I am so glad that I got them. I absolutely love them! I love them that much, they're still boxed and on show on my make-up box! 

A bit of a debate was sparked up over what shade I should get for my first lipstick and 'Girl about town' was recommended quite a few times... So was 'Hue' and 'Creme Cup' but i'm more of a bold colour type'a girl so natural and nude shades aren't really for me. Keeping this in mind, when I saw the colour of 'Girl about town', I fell in love instantly and added it to my basket... 

I then come across 'Cockney' as I dangerously browsed the MAC website the day after and this somehow found its way into my basket and then through my letterbox a few days later. Oopsie! 

 Top - Cockney Bottom - Girl about town
 Left - Cockney Right - Girl about town 
 Right - Girl about town Left - Cockney
Girl about town 
(I apologise for 1: my skin & 2: the picture quality. I haven't been taking care of my skin like I should so i've broken out a little & my camera is broke so i'm having to use my iPhone)

I must admit, I was weary about spending £14 on a lipstick because my lips are probably my worst feature in that they are always SO dry and chapped and I constantly pick them (bad habit) but both of these lipsticks are nourishing and they didn't go dry at all. 

I wore 'Girl about town' on Saturday and it stayed on for over 6 hours and only come off really when I started eating / drinking. Even then, I was still left with a bit around the edges so it's staying power is incredible. It is a gorgeous Barbie Pink colour which stands out and looks fab with a bold eyeliner and big lashes!

I wore 'Cockney' on Sunday and again, it stayed on for a good few hours and only really came off once I ate. It's shimmery colour means that I applied a little more than normal to give a bolder colour but I think maybe next time, I will apply over a liner rather than layering the lipstick. It is a shimmery Red colour but not too dramatic which is why I wanted to apply a little more to help it stand out a bit. 

I'll definitely be buying another colour and already have a few in mind so keep your eyes peeled for the next addition to my growing MAC Lipsticks! 


  1. Welcome to the MAC lippy club and if your anything like the majority of us you'll get rather addicted haha. I'm the opposite and my first picks where more neutral but i love these picks, i don't own either of these but they look lovely and stunning on you xx

  2. once you buy one you end up buying them all!
    welcome to the MAC lipstick addiction club...

    both look lush on you though :)

    1. Haha, yeah. Thats happened already. In just under 4 weeks I now own 4 lippys haha! :/


  3. oooh I love them both! This will be the start of a big Mac collection, I assure you!



  4. girl about town looks amazing!

    Kamila xx

  5. What a fantastic choice you made! Girl about town is one of my favourites! Hope you enjoy :) x

  6. These Both look gorgeous - lovely choice of shades! :) xx

  7. Those colours are so pretty. I love the pink the most. Great choice xx

  8. Cockney was my first red lipstick and I still have it (and love it!)

    The Austrian Rose


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