Tuesday 28 May 2013

I'm back - Life Update


Would you believe it's been 4 WEEKS since Millie was born!? 

It's gone so fast but Millie is now a month old and time has just flew! I'm slowly recovering and getting used to being a Mommy but it's definitely hard work. I don't really get time during the day to blog at the moment so I read up on Blogs on my phone whilst i'm feeding her and try to keep up to date with them all as much as I can. Whilst she is napping though, I thought i'd try to put together an updated post (Mainly pictures of Millie) with whats been happening over the last 4 weeks...

Mommy & Millie Cuddles - It seems to be the only way she falls asleep at the moment, but as long as she's not crying... I don't mind!  

 But there are nights where she just doesn't stop crying as she suffers with Colic (trapped wind) so we try and find the most comfortable way to get her to sleep and this seems to be one of them. She was fast asleep here! 

She's finally getting used to having a bath now! Although she looks a little suprised here, she was so calm and splashed in her little washing up bowl for a few minutes rather than crying the whole time!

She enjoys lying on her Jungle Gym and having a kick but she gets bored within 5 minutes and I normally have to pick her up and sing to her to settle her to sleep!

I love this photo! It looks like she's smiling at me but I was actually winding her at the time so it was probably just wind!

Its very rare she falls asleep on her bottle but this time she did and she stayed there for a good hour too! 

 Our first photo as a family and I look terrible!! I reeeaaaaally need my hair cut!!

We went to a Christening last Sunday and she wore a pretty pink dress (something i'd never be seen in) and looked soooo cute! It was such a lovely day too!

Another favourite picture of mine - she looks so different here and has changed so much since she was born! 

Adams friend sent her some size 1 Converse that are so adorable. She's got 2 pairs now but they're both a little big so i'll try again in a few weeks time to see if they fit her! 

After the #bbloggers chat the other week, I finally bought my first two MAC Lipsticks! I got Cockney & Girl about town. I LOVE them both but Girl about town is my favourite. 

When you're doing 6 feeds a day you have to entertain yourself somehow...

This was on a day that she just wouldn't sleep and cried so much. She finally slept for about half an hour on the bed tucked up listening to my White Noise app. It's an absolutely life saver when she won't settle! 

We went to Adam's Mum & Dad's caravan in Tewkesbury on Saturday for the day. The weather was beautiful, Adam did some fishing and played in the kayak whilst I played Mom and looked after Millie. The lads then got a BBQ setup - look at the meat! NOM!

If you follow me on Twitter you'll see I had posted this photo on there. She had been awake ALL day with 10 minute naps here and there... She was so tired that when I was winding her, she fell asleep and stayed asleep for 4 hours! 

My sisters rabbit is like a human, I swear. She's so clever, she even plays football! 

Yesterday, we took a trip to one of the local Reservoirs but it was so windy we didn't stay long. It has little man made beaches all along the water. Such a nice place in the middle of Derbyshire! 

Hopefully, now she's starting to sleep a little more in the day, I can get back into Blogging. I have so many reviews that I need to write up but unfortunately haven't had the time to get posts up on them. I won't be using my camera for a while though because I fell over at the caravan and sprained my ankle... Whilst holding my camera! And now it won't work :( So until that's fixed, i'll be using my phone as it's quick and easy to transfer photos from there to my computer! 

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  1. Enjoyed looking at all these pics. I feel for you with the colic Aiden had it really bad when he was new born too, i found baby massage and inficol drops (i think that's what it's called)helped, so i dunno if that'll be worth a try. Looks like you've had lots of fun over the past few weeks, and my word that steak is HUGE haha xx

  2. Awww what a lovely photos...it reminds me when my Nicole was that small....unforgettable moments... now the very cheeky, bossy, stubborn but ever so lovely is 6 years old !!She seems to grow every day bigger!! I will miss those days when she was as cute and small as your tiny gorgeous Millie :)
    Lots of kisses and love to you two x x x

    ♥ ♥ '' Think Pink | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog " ♥ ♥

  3. oh gosh millie is so tiny and cute! i hope her colic clears up soon! and i am so jealous of that BBQ, looks so yummy! x

  4. I really enjoyed this post! It's great to see how you're getting on, i remember reading your pregnancy ootd and now i've finally found your blog again (and followed) Millie is gorgeous and so small! Glad you're all getting on so well :) x


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