Friday 17 May 2013


Hello everyone - my name's Harriet and I write a beauty and lifestyle blog called Make Up Your Mind. As you all know, Emma has just welcomed the arrival of her beautiful baby daughter Millie and is a very busy new mum, so when she asked me to write a guest post for her I jumped at the chance.

I thought I'd share with you some beautiful bright summer shades that I got as part of the Nails Inc. lucky dip offer, where you pay £22 for 7 full-sized polishes - but don't know which ones you're getting.  The offer runs only occasionally, and isn't currently on, but do keep your eyes peeled for it! Luckily I was really pleased with every single polish I received and I'll be getting good use out of them all summer. I thought I'd write up a post on these colours to share some summer nail colour inspiration - I don't know about you but putting brights back on my nails has made me so excited for the warmer months ahead!

Draycott Place
This is described as a burnt orange, and I can't really argue with that other than I would say it's a bit brighter than a typical burnt orange - more of a vibrant coral-red. To me this is the perfect summertime pedicure shade and this will be making its way into my suitcase when I go off to Miami in July!

Notting Hill Carnival
Whilst this is described as a 'pastel yellow' I think this is possibly more neon than Westbourne Grove (see it live in action here). Another gorgeous bright colour, but a few formula problems here - it took 3 applications to get opacity.

Westbourne Grove
Described as a 'showstopping yellow/orange,' this is one of Nails Inc.'s new neon shades and is actually fairly unique to my nail polish collection (I'm a major hoarder). I shy away from neons but wore this last week and absolutely loved it. It's quite a milky finish - yet still neon - if that makes sense. Another perfect summer shade!

Knightsbridge Green
Another fairly unique polish to my collection, this is a true emerald green shade. Like Southwark, it's darker than the other polishes in the Lucky Dip selection, but absolutely wearable and one I can imagine myself getting a lot of use out of this summer.

Southwark is like the famous cobalt blue Baker Street's older brother - slightly darker but still completely fitting with the colour trends that are in at the moment. I'm thinking of wearing this to my graduation ceremony in July - not as bright as the others, but still bold enough to be completely summer-appropriate!

Grosvenor Street
A perfect bubblegum pink, Grosvenor Street gets the balance between classy and tacky bang on and looks absolutely gorgeous on the nails (especially when complemented by a bit of Xen-Tan). No formula issues here and another colour I'll be taking with me to Miami!

Cherry Road
Probably my least favourite of the bunch, Cherry Road is part of the Nails Inc 'Sprinkles' range. Not only is it a bit too dense for my liking, it is quite a muted finished look which makes the awful (but standard) glitter polish removal process not seem all that worth it. If you like your pinks and purples though, this may be for you.

What's your favourite shade from the Lucky Dip range? Are you a Nails Inc fan?

Thanks so much to Emma for letting me guest post for all her lovely followers!

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