Monday 6 May 2013

Bring out your Romantic Side*

I have always been a soppy bugger when it comes to love and all that jazz... Valentines, Christmas, Birthdays - these are all ways I figure it's OK to splash out on the Mr as a way to show him that I love him, along with some little gestures along the way. 

The last 9 months have been a complete roller coaster for me, going from finding out I am pregnant, being pregnant and suffering all those symptoms, not being able to work and now becoming a Mommy! Its a little crazy but I never would have got through it all without the help of my other half, Adam.
 He is my rock.  Even before we got together, Adam was the kindest, most caring person I knew. He always put himself out for me, no matter what the situation! So, after all he did for me through this pregnancy and labour, I think its nice to be able to give him a little gift to say 'Thank you'... Don't you!? 

It can be hard to treat your boy though... They aren't as easily pleased as us girls. A simple bar of chocolate or bunch of flowers won't do the trick, although Adam would be content with a bag of skittles and a bottle of Gin! I've found some things that I could get or do and there are actually so many things that you can do or give that are a romantic way of saying 'I love you' or in my case, 'Thanks for putting up with my hormonal, fat, chocolate eating, pregnant self'! 

Make a Memory Book full of photos, receipts from cinema dates, tickets to concerts etc that will jog his memory of all the things you have done together so far. It's a nice way to ensure you both don't forget the little things you do together that make what you have so special. 

Plan a Day Out full of all his favourite things to do. This could be anything as simple as a meal and a night in the pub watching the football, a hired boat on a lake to do some fishing together or something a little more out there like bungee jumping or a helicopter ride. Something you KNOW he'll love you for afterwards! 

Get him a Personalised Poster maybe with a picture and a quote of something you both say, a silly gestured one or one of something he enjoys i.e. music, sport etc. You can buy your personalised posters here

The best way to any mans heart it through his stomach. So, cook his favourite meal, buy a bottle of wine (or equivalent), light some candles and slip on something sexy. He won't be able to keep his hands off you (or the food)

Give him the night off from being 'your boyfriend'. Buy him a new xbox game, get him some beers and let him be a boy for the night but join in! Instead of wanting cuddles and kisses, opt for a battle of the joystick and clink some bottles together. Us girls can have some 'lad time' too you know!

Make up a Box of 50 things you love about him. Write on 50 pieces of paper, the things you love about him most. The way he smells? How he lets you win at Monopoly?

You can't say anything better than with a card. A simple personalised card with a soppy message inside or out is a cheap and easy way to get your point across with any occasion, not just birthdays and christmas'. It'll be something he can keep and look at whenever he needs or wants to!

We all have a naughty side, so make up a list of Romantic Rewards that he can claim over a certain period of time. This can be anything from a massage to sexy time in the garden. You decide, he's your boyfriend! 

Put your favourite photo into a frame. Personally, I don't think that you can ever have enough photos and it's nice to have the one's you love framed so everyone can see. You can have just one or buy a big frame and make a collage of all your favourites. It'll put a smile on his face! 

For the ultimate gesture, you could plan Romantic Weekend Away. Spending quality time together is the key to any relationship I think, so get your bags together and head off somewhere secluded where the only company you have is each others. Wentbridge House in Yorkshire do some amazing deals on short breaks and have all the amenities you could need for that perfect romantic retreat. 

So, what are YOU going to do to bring out the Romantic Side in yourself and your 'better' half!? 
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