Sunday, 14 April 2013

What's in my Hospital Bag!?

The time is nearly here and if you know what i'm like when it comes to organising things, you probably won't be shocked to hear that my hospital bag has been packed since about the 32 week stage! 
Packing my hospital bag kind of made what was happening a reality, as I had listed everything I needed to pack or buy for my hospital trip, it all hit me! 
I'm going to have a baby!! 

There is so much you could take with you to the hospital but due to the 'unknown' it's hard to be prepared for every situation so the basics tend to be what I have gone for and because we only live 20 minutes away from the hospital, if I do need anything else, my Mum or Adam can come back home and get it for me. For example, i'm not taking a change of clothes with me because I don't know what's going to fit me until i'm ready to come home and also, if I have to have a section for some reason and I pack leggings, it really isn't the most comfortable thing I could have chosen as it'll sit right on the scar. I have though, packed the basics that most people say to take in with you, for Me and Baby! 

Toiletries / Essentials for pre & post labour:
Eye Mask
Sanitary Pads
Breastfeeding Pads
Dry Shampoo (because knowing my luck, i'll go into labour on a bad hair day)
Baby Wipes
Toothpaste & Tooth brush
Nappy Bags
Phone charger
Cereal bars (just incase I need a boost of energy or chocolate)
Make - up Bag

Just some basics for post-birth photos...
Primark Volume Boost Mascara
No7 Foundation Sample (clever, aye?!)
Clinique Tinted Moisturiser
Carmex Lip balm 
Clinique Face Powder
Hair bobbles & grips (I plan to have my hair in piggy's as its the best / easiest way to keep my hair off my face)
Pocket mirror

Face wipes
Cocoa butter
Body lotion
Body wash
Lip Balm
Hair Brush
Shower Scrunchy

2 x Towels
Baby Nappy's
Maternity pads (pretty much Nappy's for adults, yuk)

2 x Nighties
1 pair PJ Bottoms
2 x Vest tops
5 x Pants 
2 x Socks
Slipper socks

Baby clothing:
4 x Sleep suits
4 x Vests
2 x Pair of mittens
1 x Hat 
1 x Towel
1 x Muslin cloth

 I have packed 4 outfits for baby, hopefully that will be enough as I don't really want to be in hospital longer than 1 or 2 days but if she needs more clothes, Adam can always bring some back with him. Which will she wear in her first pictures I wonder!? 

I hope that i've got everything covered, i've also got a little list on the fridge of things that need to be bought once the day comes like my Kindle, Cameras, Chargers, Notes and the Car seat + Blankets... these obviously can't be packed so they're sitting waiting to be grabbed. Another good tip too is a bag of change. We've been putting any change above 20p into a little money bag so we know that we have enough for parking. Hospital parking is terrible so we know that this is one thing we haven't got to worry about! 

So with all this done, at 38 weeks today... We're just waiting to meet our little girl!