Thursday, 25 April 2013

S/S Wish List: #1 Patterns

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll see that I have been tweeting ALOT about how excited I am to go shopping once baby is here! Literally cannot wait to get some nice summery clothes ready for summer (if we actually have one that is!) 

Lucky thing is, we head down to Cornwall for a few days in June so we're pretty much guarenteed some sun whilst we're down there and I plan on wearing as many summery clothes as possible.

Now, for the last 9 months, i've been wearing dull colours; greys, blacks... the usual 'slimming' colours and the colours that are easy to wear with anything because of bump. So, with the neons and patterns coming back for Summer, I plan to take full advantage of these prints and spice up my wardrobe a little! 



I absolutely LOVE patterned oversized shirts and think they look fab with some shorts and trainers so I think these are going to take priority this summer! 

Keep an eye out for my next Spring / Summer Wish List - they'll be plenty more!