Monday 22 April 2013

Primark False Eyelashes

I have always been a sucker for a good pair of lashes, something natural but long enough to give your eyes some umpgh! 

I used to buy my false lashes off eBay where you can get 10 pairs for 99p from Hong Kong and although you had to wait 3 weeks for them, i'd buy them in bulk and stock up. I then came across pound shop lashes which were equally as good and I could get these whenever I wanted without having to wait 3 weeks for them... 

This was until I ventured into Primark when they started doing their little 'beauty' bits and noticed these bad boys! 

At £1 for a pair, you really can't grumble and I absolutely LOVE them! The glue isn't the best, it's more like water than glue actually, but I use glue that I have from other sets of lashes or a glue which I buy separately off eBay and they go on like any other lashes would! They have a really nice natural look to them but they are long enough to stand out. I hate these slut lashes people wear that are waaaay too thick or are too big for their eyes. It just doesn't look right! 

I always trim my false lashes so they don't irritate the corners of my eyes and then just blend in with a coat of mascara. They end up looking as natural as they can but they are definitely a must when going out! 

Whenever I go into Primark now, I always stock up - just to be sure I have lashes to last. 

Do you have a favourite pair of False Eyelashes?! I'd love to know so I can try out more! 


  1. I always buy eyelure but I've heard so many good things about primark falsies!im definitely going to have to buy a pair :) they look great in your pictures xxx

  2. I wear these, they are great for the money x

  3. They look quite good for the price x

  4. Eyelure 101 are my go to lashes but these look awesome, shame I haven't got a primark near!

  5. I always thought they would be rubbish but I will definitely pick a pair up now. Love a good bargain!x

  6. I love these lashes! I'm glad I'm not the only one who wears them. I haven't tried the glue yet, I figured it would be pretty rubbish so I haven't yet given it a chance. Great review! Xx

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