Thursday, 11 April 2013

Primark & Boots Mini Haul

Everyone loves a bit of retail therapy unless you're 37 weeks pregnant and waddling around like a Penguin...

I took a trip into town yesterday just to stock up on some essentials (deodorant, make-up remover etc) and obviously was swayed by a little more than what I planned to get. This didn't come without nearly passing out in Boots though! 

I had to ask the lady at the Pharmacy counter if it was ok to sit on the chair that was in the back because I thought I was going to pass out. I went extremely light headed and hoped to god that I wasn't going to fall flat on my face. She was ever so nice and gave me a glass of water and just chatted to me whilst I got back to normal again. Safe to say that I went home after that (not before getting a jacket potato stuffed with Chilli, Cheese AND Coleslaw though)

I did however, manage to come across some bargains in both Primark and Boots, taking advantage of the 3-4-2 that Boots have on at the moment, and here's what I picked up...

17 Flawless Photo Finish Foundation "Soft Ivory" £4.99
Models Own "Bubblegum" £5.00
Barry M "Pink Sapphire" £2.99
Garnier Eye Make Up Remover £2.99 or 2 for £4.00
Dove Deodorant £1.97
(3-4-2 on Cosmetics)

Lipsticks "00 & 01" £1.00 each
Hair clips £1.00
Eyelashes £1.00 each
Blue Midi Dress £8.00
Grey Jacket / Blazer £7.00
Grey Maxi Dress £8.00
Cream Dolly Shoes £3.00
Neon Necklace £4.00
2 x Baby Tops £2.50
Baby Jeggings £3.00
Baby Headbands £1.00 for 3

That will probably be the last few things I buy now before Baby is here, unless it's for her! 

Have you been shopping lately? What have you bought?!