Thursday 11 April 2013

Primark & Boots Mini Haul

Everyone loves a bit of retail therapy unless you're 37 weeks pregnant and waddling around like a Penguin...

I took a trip into town yesterday just to stock up on some essentials (deodorant, make-up remover etc) and obviously was swayed by a little more than what I planned to get. This didn't come without nearly passing out in Boots though! 

I had to ask the lady at the Pharmacy counter if it was ok to sit on the chair that was in the back because I thought I was going to pass out. I went extremely light headed and hoped to god that I wasn't going to fall flat on my face. She was ever so nice and gave me a glass of water and just chatted to me whilst I got back to normal again. Safe to say that I went home after that (not before getting a jacket potato stuffed with Chilli, Cheese AND Coleslaw though)

I did however, manage to come across some bargains in both Primark and Boots, taking advantage of the 3-4-2 that Boots have on at the moment, and here's what I picked up...

17 Flawless Photo Finish Foundation "Soft Ivory" £4.99
Models Own "Bubblegum" £5.00
Barry M "Pink Sapphire" £2.99
Garnier Eye Make Up Remover £2.99 or 2 for £4.00
Dove Deodorant £1.97
(3-4-2 on Cosmetics)

Lipsticks "00 & 01" £1.00 each
Hair clips £1.00
Eyelashes £1.00 each
Blue Midi Dress £8.00
Grey Jacket / Blazer £7.00
Grey Maxi Dress £8.00
Cream Dolly Shoes £3.00
Neon Necklace £4.00
2 x Baby Tops £2.50
Baby Jeggings £3.00
Baby Headbands £1.00 for 3

That will probably be the last few things I buy now before Baby is here, unless it's for her! 

Have you been shopping lately? What have you bought?! 


  1. I have that blazer it's gorgeous - you got some proper bargains :] xx

    1. I loved it once I saw it - i like the tweed effect of it too and the fact it has tiny bits of blue in it - my fave colour!


  2. Replies
    1. The shoes were only £3! I couldn't NOT get them haha! I wanted to spice my boring greys / black midi dresses up so invested in a neon statement necklace ;)


  3. Eeek that blazer is gorgeous and for just £7. Love the look of the lipsticks too :) you got some serious bargains!! Sorry to hear you didn't feel well :( awful feeling dizzy isn't it. Bet you're so excited to meet your little girl!you won't have long to wait now xx

    1. Yeah i know! I love bargain shopping, and those lipsticks are a steal! I hate feeling rubbish but i guess it comes with being pregnant! Not long!!


  4. Everything you got looks lovely, I love the neon Models Own polish! xo

  5. Aww I'm glad you were ok in the end Emma! Looks like you bought some lovely items, I love the look of the models own polish (need to add it to my collection) and the baby strawberry headband is adorable! xo

  6. Glad you're ok, bless you. Love the Baby clothes and I have that neon necklaces, wear it all the time :) xxx

  7. Glad everything's ok! Love the shoes and baby clothes!


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