Monday, 8 April 2013


There are certain things people instantly think of not being able to do when you're pregnant, drinking is the obvious one. But there are actually so many things I miss about 'not' being pregnant and as much as I can't wait to meet our little girl, I can't wait to get my body back and start doing things I enjoy again!

When we found out it was a HUGE shock and the things I wouldn't be able to do were the last thing on my mind. We found out I was pregnant 4 days before I was due to move back to London to start my 2nd year of university, so timing wasn't perfect. Me and Adam had also only been together just under a year and although we love each other and I was staying with him at weekends when I was back home, it was the last thing we thought would be happening. 

A few weeks after getting our head around things, quitting leaving uni and moving in together permanently, things actually started to look up. It was still a massive change to both our lives but I was starting to look forward to it. 37 weeks on and I am still super excited and we're both so anxious to meet our Daughter! 

Along with the excitement and the thrill of being pregnant, there are obviously down sides to it too... The growing bump is one (although I quite like my bump) it effects what you wear and how you look. The first 3 months are hell, feeling sick (or being sick - luckily I wasn't actually sick) constantly, being tired, feeling and looking like shit everyday... It really gets you down. After the first 3 months though, things do seem to pick up a bit. You get your energy back and start to develop the 'glow'... Of course, everyone is different, this is just my outlook on it all. 

There are things I miss that I wouldn't of even thought of...

Sleeping on my front - obviously, a bump kinda makes this one difficult so spooning a pillow is the only way i've been able to sleep lately.
Lying on the sofa - again, bump stops this from happening and I get stuck if I lie down in a weird way for too long!
Eating my dinner off my lap - I can still do this but heartburn attacks because i'm not in the best position to eat so eating at the table is a lot better! 
Being able to snuggle Adam in bed - again, because of bump, I can't even lie and snuggle my boyfriend in bed because I have to have a pillow to prop my bump up! 
Pate on toast - this is an odd one but there are certain foods you aren't meant to eat and Pate is one... But at christmas and easter, my aunty buys some homemade pate and because of baby, this year i've had to miss out :( 
Being able to put my own shoes on - i'm getting to a point now that I can't get certain shoes on because I can't bend down to do the laces or put my foot into them!
Walking around for longer than an hour without waddling or needing to sit down - this has only happened recently but I get SO TIRED so quick now! 
Going shopping without feeling depressed - i've got to the point now that nothing 'normal' fits and I feel so fat and frumpy, boo! 
Working - although it's impossible for me to work now because of how far gone I am, because of the timing of us finding out I was pregnant, I had to quit uni with no job to come out to and because I worked since I was 16, sitting doing nothing for 3 months sent me crazy! I have another 8/9 months to go before I can start looking for a job though, so i'm going to enjoy the time off with my little girl while I can!
Hot baths - you can't have a bath that's too hot because it can raise your's and baby's BP and HR which isn't good - so luke warm baths are all I can have right now... boring!
Maintaining my 'lady garden' - I know you're all thinking it because it was the first thing I asked my best friend about when I found out I was pregnant... But I miss being able to see my own foof! Shaving is SUCH A CHORE that I actually asked Adam to do it for me. Gotta be done i'm afraid.
And last but not least (sorry for the crudeness) Spontaneous sex - this is just something that can't happen. I lost my sex drive BIG TIME during the start / middle of my pregnancy, it made an appearance again for a few weeks but it's gone again. Getting comfortable in bed or on the sofa is effort, let alone being pounded. 

Hopefully you get the idea of the kind of things you can't do when you're pregnant and i'm not trying to be a walking, talking advert for contraception, but there are so many things that you don't think of until you're pregnant that would make you think twice if you were planning on having a baby! 

With only 3 weeks left to go, I know that all of these things will be back in my life sooner or later but for 9 months, you don't half miss the little things in life!

What did you miss most when you were pregnant?!