Monday, 29 April 2013

Maintaining your Hair Extensions or Pieces

If you have seen my posts on my Sallys Glitz & Glam Hair Pieces and my other extensions (Big tousled // 1/2 head fibre // Hair extensions) you'll probably wonder how I keep them looking so neat and tidy. All I use is one product, which is X-10 Hair Extension Spray.

You can get so many different types of fibre sprays to help protect your hair extensions, synthetic AND real hair but this is the one I found works best for me and my extensions. All you do is spray onto the hair and comb through using a wide toothed comb... Voila! Easy peasy! (A wide toothed comb doesn't pull at the hair as much as a brush would)

I don't really like to wash my extensions that often, especially synthetic ones as they never dry looking the same as they started out with but when I do, I use fabric softener rather than shampoo on my synthetic pieces and then a tiny bit of shampoo and leave in condition on my real hair extensions and this does the job! I also try to refrain from using heat on my real hair extensions too as it damages them faster than actual human hair. 

If you have a hair piece, check out my video to see how easy it is to maintain your hair piece and keep it looking glossy and new! 

You can buy the X-10 fibre spray off eBay here or buy Fibre oil spray from Sallys Glitz & Glam here.