Wednesday 24 April 2013

Inspiration in the form of Women*

I think we all have our 'idols' or people that have inspired us, whether they are family, friends or even celebrities, there is always a valid reason as to why these people are a form of inspiration. We have people we look up to for advice, motivation or encouragement, then there are people we look up to for inspiration, someone that we all inspire to be like one day. 

When I was little, I had a keen obsession with the Spice Girls, who didn't, aye!? The 90's pop sensation were one of, if not the most popular girl band of their time and all girls looked to them for inspiration. Wanting to dress like them, sound like them, forming friendship groups where you all took on a role of one of them, but as you get older, the people that inspire us take on a more personal role as to how they fit into our lives. 

3 Women I personally find truly inspirational are Katie Piper, Dame Kelly Holmes and Holly Willoughby. 

Katie Piper was a beautiful, young women with an aspiring modelling career, a career all girls envied. Until a shocking incident in March 2008 scarred her for life. Her ex partner threw acid in her face causing extreme scarring and leading to several skin graft operations to re-form Katie's face. Even after this horrific accident, Katie set up her charity "The Katie Piper Foundation" which raises awareness of victims of burns and other disfigurement injuries and the treatment these people go through to get their lives back to normal. Katie shows that even in the lowest points of your life, you are never alone and you can pick yourself up and start again - something that everyone needs to remember! 

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Dame Kelly Holmes is an Olympic Gold Medalist and has been an athlete from a young age, although she didn't set out like we would all think. Kelly grew up with a close family by her side but after being interested in athletics, once Kelly turned 18, she stopped training and decided she was going to join the army and took this as a huge responsibility in her life. She became so involved in the army she forgot about her aspirations to be an athlete until meeting her old trainer who told her she still had potential to take part in the olympics, a dream Kelly always had. She trained hard, battled numerous injuries and quit the army to become a full time athlete. The hard work paid off when she won 2 Gold Medals in the Athens Olympics in 2004. The same as Katie, Kelly founded the "DKH Legacy Trust", a charity that supports young athletes and helps the lives of young people across the UK which then saw her become Dame Kelly Holmes. A young girl from a small town in Kent has grown to be a very well recognised figure in the sporting industry, an industry that I am particularly keen on after studying Sport and Exercise in College, then becoming a Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor and completing a year at University studying Physical Sport Education. Kelly proves that even when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! 

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Another well known female that I, especially now I am pregnant, look up to is Holly Willoughby. After presenting the old school Saturday morning programme CD:UK back when I was younger, Holly has gone on to win a BAFTA for her presenting skills, named 'Mum of the Year 2010', has been classed as one of the 100 sexiest women by FHM and also has won 'Best Cleavage'. Now, I know these aren't things people should aspire to in life but remaining classy and being a Mum to 2 children, Holly proves that she has still got it, whether she has children or not. She is definitely a Yummy Mummy! 

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 With over 67 females alone, ranging from Dame Kelly herself to Michelle Keegan, you can see the achievements each of them have completed and most of all, understand that everyone starts out from a small point in life and works for what they have. 

Nothing worth having is easy to achieve! 
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