Tuesday 23 April 2013


If you own any extensions, you may come across the dilemma that is storing them. They matte if they're not packaged correctly or get tangled amongst brushes in the drawer. It's a nightmare! 

With over 4 different sets of extensions, I often find myself struggling to keep them all in place and where to store them. I do try and keep them in the plastic wallets they come in but its still hard to house these without them getting tangled. This is where HairHangerz come in. 

HairHangerz are a storage solution for hair extensions that lets you clip the extensions on the hanger to store and style your extensions with ease. They also have a cover so that the hair is protected when it's not being worn and they are stored away in your wardrobe so they don't get tangled or matted in drawers or amongst brushes! Perfect, aye!? 

Set up by aspiring Mum of 2, Kate Arnold, she wears extensions herself and was forever getting frustrated with how they always got tangled - so, created this amazing solution of HairHangerz! As well as being able to hang your extensions, there are also 2 sucky pads on the back that lets you stick the hanger to a window, door, mirror etc allowing you to style your extensions with ease! 

I have 3 sets of extensions on my HairHanger (over 12 strips of hair of different lengths) so you really can store all your extensions in one place. It is so easy to use and clip your hair onto and styling / brushing the extensions is so much easier when the hanger is high enough off the ground. The hanger itself is SO sturdy and doesn't feel like it's going to break like some plastic hangers do. You can definitely tell that this is going to last a while, no matter how much hair you put on it!

If you struggle with where to keep your hair extensions, get yourself some HairHangerz!!


  1. I've been looking for something like this for years!! Thank you. Xx

  2. This looks so perfect! Can I still get this?


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