Thursday 18 April 2013

Beauty Works Clip-In Hair Extensions*

A lover of hair extensions of all kinds, I was so excited to try out these Beauty Works Clip-in's I was sent last week! 

I do have some clip-in extensions but they have been stashed away for a few months due to having my hair ombre'd. Now its all one block colour (minus a few patches of blonde because of a bad hair dye), I can start wearing them again and have gone into a bit of craze!! 

Beauty Works have a HUGE variety of Hair extensions such as hair pieces, pre bonded extensions, wefts, clip ins and buns / plaits. The quality of Beauty Works hair is by far the best i've ever had and after around 6 years of wearing extensions, that's quite something! 

I have the 18 inch Beauty Works Clip-In Extensions in Hot Toffee (4) (£110.00) and they come with 3 strips of Hair: 2 strip x 4 clips and 1 strip x 2 clips

 This might not seem a lot compared to other sets of extensions, but the hair is so thick (140g) that you really don't need anymore than that! I hate having to clip loads of different sections into my hair and I feel that it's so much more effort than just 2 thick pieces and it also looks a lot more natural too. 

As you can see, the clips are sewn securely onto a thick piece of fabric which allows for an even tighter fit when you put them in. I honestly don't think that I will find any other extensions that are as good as these. 

I was also lucky enough to be sent a Beauty Works Quadruple Weft which is one strip of hair that is 4 x the thickness of one strip of normal weft. So its not just double the thickness, it's QUADRUPLE the thickness. These wefts are made to add volume and length to already thick hair or, you could use just 2 of these to give your shorter hair volume and length as they really are THAT THICK! 

The Quad weft (£59.99) comes with 4 clips on a single strip of hair and is attached with good, strong clips that help to secure a perfect fit into your hair. 

I have used both of these extensions together as it gives the PERFECT natural look that I want and is SO SO THICK! They are so easy to apply and stay in all day long! Being human hair also means you can style them as you wish using straighteners, curlers etc although I do try and keep heat away from them, just so they last longer! 

You really won't find any human hair clip in extensions that are better than Beauty Works! 

To buy yours now, use my unique link to get the hair you've always wanted:
*(Product sent by Beauty Works)


  1. These look amazing, i know what you mean about having to clip loads of different wefts in it can be a pain.

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  5. Being human hair also means you can style them as you wish using straighteners, curlers etc although I do try and keep heat away from them, ...

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