Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Barry M 'Wink' Eye Marker

When I did my 'Everyday Make up Tutorial', I had quite a few comments asking what the eyeliner that I used was so, I thought i'd let you all know that it was this bad boy! 

I won a competiton a few months back with Barry M through Twitter and got to choose 4 products of my choice, one of them was this eyeliner. I love wearing winged liner and am always on the look out for a new one, although i'm so picky with mascara wands and eyeliner brushes, I struggle to find one that I can stick to! When I first tried this, it was like drawing on myself with a pen, it felt weird! But, after a few uses, I actually really liked it. The previous liner I was using was discarded and this took its place! 

The ease of literally drawing on your liner makes this the best product to use if you struggle applying winged liner. I can do my liner with this pen in about 20 seconds (see the video if you don't believe me) and it's very rare I have to touch it up or it looks odd. I LOVE IT! 

I generally wear make-up for about 6 hours at the moment as I don't wear any unless i'm wearing the house and it has pretty good staying power. All I find is that in the corner of my eyes, it smudges a little towards the end of the day / night but that may because I rub my eyes in the corners a lot! 

If you want to try this (and I highly recommend you do) you can get it here for £4.59

Do you have a favourite eye liner!?