Tuesday, 23 April 2013

30 ways to save £1 (or more!)*

Money is definitely something we all take for granted at times although I personally am a sucker for a bargain. 

This year is the 30th Anniversary of the £1 coin and to celebrate, Money Supermarket are hosting a competiton for Bloggers to win £1000 and all you have to do is simply list 30 ways (or less) that you recommend to save £1 or more! The best yet is that if they get 1000 ways to save £1, they will double the cash prize making it a whopping £2000

Like I said, we all take money for granted and sometimes spend way too much. Spending bans this year have been more popular that hauls I think so here's a few more ways to save that £1. All the little things definitely stack up and you'll be turning your Coppers into Gold!

1. When shopping for a specific item, look in charity shops first - you never know what you'll find in the corners of these thrift shops!

2. Recycle things when you can rather than buying new things i.e. Candle jars can be used to store things such as toothbrushes, toothpicks, cocktail sticks etc. The list is endless! 

3. Want a LBD for a fancy do?! Ask family or friends if they have one to borrow rather than splashing out on a £45 one and add your own accessories to make it different! 

4. DIY whatever you can! Hole in your sock? Sew it up! 

5. Take advantage of offers such as 2-4-1 or 3-4-2. You're guarenteed to save at least a few pence if not a few pound! 

6. Bulk buy items such as toilet roll, make-up wipes or washing powder. You'll find that the more you buy of something will resort to it lasting longer and you won't have to replace it as quick!

7. Use voucher codes or sites whenever you can. Saving that extra 10% on a pair of shoes will certainly make the difference!

8. Take advantage of sales. If you're looking for a plain tee, check out the sale section before paying full price!

9. Go to car boots! You can find some right bargains especially DVD's, CD's and even electrical items! 

10. Use cash back sites whenever you can. Getting a % of cash back will result in money coming in from money going out. It's a win - win! 

11. Make up another portion of food for lunch the next day rather than buying it. Or better still, use leftovers from Sunday dinner to make meals for the next few nights - chicken on a sunday can be used for at least 2 or 3 more meals, I do it myself!

12. Save your loose change in a pot... It will soon add up! Take it down to the bank monthly or even yearly and rake that change in! 

13. Look on eBay before heading to the shops. Sell things too! 

14. Go for the cheaper option, if there is one. A lot of people won't buy the 30p chocolate bar because it's not Cadburys or Galaxy, but they're always equally as good, or sometimes... EVEN BETTER!

15. Walk whenever you can rather than drive. Short, regular journeys use up more petrol than the longer ones! 

16. Share taxis or lifts whenever possible, especially on a night out! 

17. Make your own take-aways or buy a substitute rather than paying for that curry that you know you just aren't going to eat!

18. Draw out a certain amount of money before a night out and leave your card at home so you aren't tempted to drink you money away!

19. Turn off plugs / electric once you've finished using them. Electricity still flows through the plug even if whatever it is isn't turned on. It needs to be flicked at the wall! 

20. Use your local facilities more - take out library books rather than buying them, walk round the park instead of sitting in the pub... Yeah, maybe the second one is a toughy! 

21. Grow your own food - if you can. Fruit and veg can be expensive especially if it isn't used in time and you end up waisting. So grow your own if you have the time and space!

22. Share bath water with younger siblings. I have 2 younger siblings and instead of using 3 lots of bath water, we used to share it. Starting off with a little water, then just topping it up with hot for each person.

23. Double check best before dates on food. Most food is perfectly fine AFTER the best before date but double check online if you're unsure. 

24. Drink tap water rather than buying bottled everyday. 

25. Don't use your credit card if you don't need to. The interest you'll pay probably won't be worth it for the shoes you just bought...

26. Don't buy un-nessicary objects whilst shopping. Write a list and stick to it! 

27. Pay your bills on time! You'll be shocked to know that most companies will charge you if you're bills aren't paid on time! 

28. Read the papers online rather than buying them. You're doing the environment a favour as well as your purse! 

29. Setup a direct debit for all your monthly bills, this will normally help you out when it comes to budgeting at the start of each month.

30. Call your phone company and ask if there is a cheaper tariff option for what you are using. Most companies won't tell you that there is a cheaper option unless you ask! 

So, there you have my 30 tips to save £1, or in some cases... Even more! 

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*(This post is a competition entry for Moneysupermarket)