Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Pound Shop Make up: Wet 'n' Wild

Poundshops always have their little treasures and the ones I came across this week were these Wet 'n' Wild make-up products! 

After sifting through the junk and all the broken bits of make-up they have bagged up... I came across these beauties - and yes, they were £1 each! I couldn't believe it. Wet 'n' Wild isn't easy to get hold of in the UK so I thought that I better snatch some up while I had the chance. 

They had a few different shades of powder and the 2 shades of bronzer / blush too (which is what I got). They also had foundation but I am so bad with foundation I didn't bother trying to guess my shade and also the eyeshadow compacts. For a cheap shop, you can't complain and although they had Japenese labelling it's easy to tell what each thing is. 

I couldn't get very good swatches of the bronzing powders or the compact powder as my camera / lighting was really bad but you can see from the pictures what sort of pigmentation they hold. Unfortunately, the eyeshadows are a cream eyeshadow which I didn't realise until I swatched them... I don't like cream shadows or blush as it just doesn't stay on my skin but I think they'll come in handy for bases or even brow highlighters! 

Overall, for £1 each, I don't think you can go wrong. It's definitely worth looking in your local poundshop to see if they have any hidden treasures amongst the junk! (I will review the powder & blush / bronzers once i've got a decent use out of them!)

Have you found any brands of make-up that you love in your local Poundshop?!