Friday, 29 March 2013

Pound Shop Make up: Sleek

As you've probably noticed, I love a good bargain. I always venture into the Pound Shop when I nip into town, just to see what they have on offer. Today it was for mini eggs and although they did have mini eggs, they also had Sleek Make-up stashed in their make-up isle! 

Now, the first thing that initially caught my eye was a Stila tinted moisturiser but they only had one shade and it was way too orange, even for summer! So I put that down and looked through the mess that the make-up always seems to be in and discovered some Sleek lipsticks (RRP £4.99)!

I couldn't believe it, instantly throwing down my basket and picking up a variety of colours and checking that they were all different and not just one shade, and they were! I managed to find 6 different shades, 3 sheer cover shades and 3 true colour shades. Overly excited, I hunted through the collection of lipsticks, glosses and pure tack to then find a stash of Lash out mascara (RRP £7.00)! Today is definitely a good day! 

 I honestly can't believe that I found these baby's - all for £1 each! Crazy!! 

If you don't shop in a Pound shop, you really should start. I get some great bargains and most of the time the things are just an old collection or 'unpopular' shades. Either way, you're getting yourself a beauty bargain! 

Have you found any Beauty bargains in the Pound Shop!?