Saturday 23 March 2013

Pretty Woman Review

Having a duvet day? Need a good girlie film? What other film would you need to choose if you didn't already have 'Pretty Woman' in your collection!? 

One of my favourite 'feel good' films has got to be the 1990's banger 'Pretty Woman' with the Gorgeous Julia Roberts and a very Handsome Richard Gere. This film never fails to make me smile and being a classic 'rom-com' its a hit with every female alive. 

The fantasy of living the high life, although not as a hooker, is something we all dream of. Meeting our Prince Charming in the process is just a bonus! Luckily for Vivienne (played by Julia Roberts), her excuse to get off the streets rolls up in a glam Lotus sports car and she plans to take him for whatever he's got. This then leads to a night in the classy Regent Beverley Wilson hotel where he pays her $300 to spend the night with him. 

Later the next day another proposal is made in which she accompanies him for the entire week for $3000... the perks being that she gets to shop all she likes, dine with him in style and be the gem on his arm. Although, for Vivienne, this doesn't last long as soon as Edwards' (played by Richard Gere) sleazy Lawyer finds out she is a prostitute, he tries to take advantage of her and she is brought crashing down feeling used and hurt by Edward.

With famous scenes and theme tunes you'll be bobbing and singing along and you will know which scene i'm on about when I say that diamonds really ARE a girls best friend. 

The film concludes with a romantic yet slightly comical scene of Edward pulling up at Viviennes apartment, flowers in hand, hanging out of the roof of a Limousine with Opera music blaring. She is smitten and can't hold back and they enjoy a lingering kiss, clinging onto the rails of her apartments fire escape.

It is definitely one of those films that warms your heart and you can watch again and again. You find something to personally relate to in the film whether it be apart of Vivienne or the way she acts around Edward. A definite girlie film but I wouldn't say males can't watch it as there are some well needed tips they can take from it over how to 'woo' a lady! 

So, grab some chocolates, pour yourself a glass of wine (or a cup of tea), snuggle under your quilt and wack this is your DVD player. You're sure to love it and forget about that wintery weather thats lurking outside!

*Pretty woman, walking down the street...* 

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  1. I love love love Pretty Woman! Its definitely one of my favourites when in the mood. I finally got my boyfriend to watch it the other day and he got right into it, hopefully he will take some tips off Edward!!


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