Sunday, 3 March 2013

Pregnancy Update - Week 32

Due date?
28th April 2013.

How far along? 
32 Weeks.


Maternity clothes?

Still over-wearing my leggings & maternity tights because they're the only thing that fits! Had to purchase some more new bra's too, so unattractive but so damn comfy! 

Hard to get comfortable and waking up early for a wee / food! 

Still wriggling, midwife confirmed at the last appointment that she's now head down so it's her feet i'm feeling jabbing me in my ribs and sternum, ouch!

Chocolate still... Cereal is my best friend too. 


Hips are becoming a bit sore and feels like hard work to walk around for a long time. Getting tired easily and feeling hungry more often.

Best moment this week?
Hearing her heartbeat at my appointment and knowing she was head down and not breach or transverse. Lets hope she stays that way!

Miss anything?
Alcohol. I really want to go out and get drunk - its been sooooooooo long!

 Anything making you queasy or sick? 
Still the same thing as last time; stir fry, curry & pizza. Bleugh! 

Labour signs?
Nothing yet...

Belly button in or out?
Definitely popping out more this week.

Wedding rings on or off?

My hands have DEFINITELY swollen so my rings (not wedding) are staying off until she's here now! 

Happy or moody most of the time?
Happy a lot of the time this week (minus the stinking headaches)!

Looking forward to?
Getting some more clothes and sorting out the ones we already have. 

8 weeks to go!!