Tuesday 19 March 2013

Neals Yard Remedies - Mothers Balm*

A couple of weeks back, you would have seen my post on the Neals Yard Remedies blogger event that I attended... This is one of the products that the lovely Nicola gave me to try out. 

What it states:
A fragrance-free moisturising blend, rich in essential fatty acids, to help maintain the skin's elasticity, prevent stretch marks and soothe the discomfort that can accompany expanding skin.
100% of the agricultural ingredients are produced organically. Mothers Balm comes in a large, stylish, blue glass jar. 
Nicola was telling me how good this is for me and my bump as the ingredients are 100% organic! I tried a little out in the shop but because my hands and arms were covered in different lotions and potions, I didn't appreciate the full capabilities of what this balm does. 
I use about half a teaspoon of the balm every night before bed and I actually look forward to using it. There is no strong scent and the feeling after is incredible. It isn't oily and doesn't make your skin feel horrible and sticky either. It's a sort of vaseline consistency but blends out into a smooth 'butter' type lotion and makes my bump so so SO shiny, its amazing. Although I haven't got any stretch marks on the centre of my belly, I do have some on my hips so I make sure I pay particular attention to these areas and give it a good rub in. 
Like I said, there is no strong scent and it doesn't leave you feeling greasy, so I apply before bed and just pop my vest on, letting the magic happen!
As you can see, i've used quite a bit but with only 5 weeks 6 days to go before Baby is due, i'm hoping that it will see me through until then. I'd definitely recommend this balm if you have sensitive skin or don't really want to use Bio-oil or any of the alternatives. The initial use of this product is fantastic and i'd recommend any Mum to be to invest! 
You can buy Mothers Balm for £19.75 here or find your nearest Neals Yard Remedies store here. If you can get to a store I recommend that you go and speak to the ladies there because they will give you whats personally right for you and you can also have a peek at all the other lovely products they have to offer for Mums and Babies in their Mother and Baby range. 


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    1. Its so good, i absolutely love using it. I just hope it lasts me until she comes now though haha!


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