Sunday 31 March 2013

Tutorial: Mermaid Waves

I've been lusting over longer hair for months now and I can't wait to have some new extensions put in once baby is here. Until then, i'm sticking with my hair piece's and my clip in extensions! 

Some people fret that they won't be able to style their hair like normal when they wear extensions but you can. Just try to avoid using heat on them everyday as it'll ruin the condition of them faster (just like our own hair)

One of my favourite styles when I have my extensions in is the 'Mermaid' wave - it gives your hair such bounce and volume and it also helps to blend in the extensions with your own hair too! Its so simple to do, although it may take a while but it's no different to curling or straightening your hair! 

If you'd like me to film how to clip in extensions or any other hair videos, let me know! 

Do you wear clip in extensions? How do you like to style your hair when they're in?! 

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  1. Ah, love the mermaid look! You always use really great music in your vids! xx

    1. It's my boyfriends mixes - he watched this the other day and said 'what shit you listening to?' and I just laughed and said 'ITS YOUR MIX!!'

      Knob haha!!


  2. the look is cool

    xxx Zari


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