Friday, 15 March 2013

March Wish List

So, as I said last week, I'm trying to cut down on the amount of posts I put up because I don't want to bore you all with boring, irrelevant posts and this week I have been studying HARD to try and get my uni work done before Baby gets here (6 weeks to go)...

I hate not putting posts up but I guess it kinda makes it exciting for you all to wonder what and when the next post WILL be up, does it?! Anyway, uni work pushed aside for half hour, I put together my March Wishlist - yes, I know its the middle of March now but I have been busy so better late than never! 

I'm loving the new midi's that Karma Clothing have bought out recently, and as you know - I love midi's in general. They have lots of monochrome styles and also some coloured ones ready for spring. Most of them are only £8.99 so i'm definitely going to purchase some next week when I have some money to my name! 

I actually hope to get some of the things off this list before the end of the month, not everything like... just some bits, including the Chocolate! Everything else will just be a bonus! 

March Wishlist

£8.99 -

Topshop slouchy top

Cropped jacket

Converse hi top shoes
£50 -

£5.99 -

MAC Cosmetics macs cosmetic

Real techniques makeup brush
£11.99 -

MAC Cosmetics shimmer eyeshadow

Nails inc
£11 -

BeautyWorks Dip Dye Human Hair Extensions Weft 120g
£155.00 -

Have you got a March Wishlist!? I'd love to see it, send me the link!