Wednesday 13 March 2013

Go to: Lipsticks

We all have our 'Go To' items, whether it be make-up, jewellery, clothes or even films. I have a go to for nearly everything I wear on a daily basis, bra's, foundation, mascara etc etc. As you may have already seen in my MUA Lipsticks Post (here), I have a range of colours from their collection and love lipsticks in general. I don't own any 'high-end' brands because I find high street ones are just as good and I can never go longer than an hour or so before I eat something and have to re-apply anyway! 

Below are my 4 'Go To' Lipsticks, for days when I just don't know which to pick, i'll choose one of these badboys and I know i'll be happy with the decision no matter what!  

Left to Right: ELF (Sociable), Sleek (Cherry), Kate Moss (12), Topshop (Ohh La la)

ELF (Sociable): I have a few ELF lipsticks but not as many as MUA ones. Because they are just £1.50, I found myself buying them whenever I placed an order. This has got to be my favourite out of the lot and although the picture doesn't do it justice, it's a gorgeous pinky red colour and suits nearly every face of make-up i've done! 

Sleek (Cherry): I received this baby in a Glossybox a few months ago and when I saw it, I instantly fell in love. It is a gorgeous deep, vampy red and is perfect for an 'eyelash and lip look' as I like to call it. The lipstick is super pigmented and moisturising on my lips which is great news - I have a habit of picking my lips and they are so dry, Oops!

Kate Moss (12) I actually picked this up when I was shopping once because it was on offer, although I couldn't see what colour it was, I think I paid £2.49 for it rather than RRP £5.49 and when I opened it I loved the coral orangey colour it was! It's my first coral lipstick and it will always be a favourite of mine. I just wish the Kate Moss collection had more colours to it, the lipsticks are to die for there just isn't many of them! 

Topshop (Ooh La La): I love this colour, it's bright enough to stand out but not too bright that it clashes with a natural face of make-up. The lipstick is nourishing too which I need because my lips are so dry! They are a popular choice with many bloggers and their colours are beautiful. I will definitely be buying more of these this summer! RRP: £8.00

Left to right - ELF, Sleek, Kate Moss, Topshop

You can bet that if i'm having 'one of those days' then i'll be wearing one of these lippys!

Do you have a 'Go To' lipstick!? Tell me what it is! 


  1. love the Topshop one! I featured that one in a wishlist post of Topshop make up :) lovely post


  2. The sleek one is stunning x

  3. I'm with you on the Kate Moss and Topshop shades, they're two of my favourites too! xo

    1. Yeah i LOVE the kate moss one, wasnt so keen at first but now i adore it!


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