Thursday, 14 March 2013

DIY: Beanie

Neon seems to be making a MASSIVE comeback this year and although I haven't really managed to buy anything in Neon form because of my ever-growing bump, I do have some Air Max that have a Neon yellow base which I thought I may make use of... I'm a lover for beanies but unfortunately, they don't really suit me when my hair is short so after dying my hair back to Medium brown yesterday, I was able to put my extensions in and make use of my beanie! 

I got this Grey Beanie off eBay for 99p and then bought some Neon skulls to put on it from eBay too, which were £1.85... A glue gun and some creativity and you have your very own personalised neon beanie which costs a fraction of what it'd be if you bought it ready done! 

Here's how I did mine:

Organise how you want your accessories to go onto the beanie first to make sure it looks right then glue them on with a glue gun (be careful not to burn yourself on the glue!!)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this beanie, it's gone from a plain, boring hat to a super stylish accessory and am going to try and get as much wear out of it as possible before summer (eventually) comes! 

Have you ever customised your own clothes? Tell me if you have!