Thursday 7 March 2013

Beautifeye Contact Lenses*

Here's something a little different... 

I was contacted by Beautifeye to see if I would like to try out some of their contact lenses... I was excited to give them a go and try another colour as well as some cosmetic style ones such as white or red. They sent me a pair of Blue lenses and a pair of White lenses too. 

I tried out the Blue lenses the other day and I loved them but unfortunately, they irritated my eyes a little so i'm going to wait till I have an excuse to wear the white ones as I can't really pull them off for a casual day thing. 

It all came with 2 little cases for the lenses to go in as well as contact solution! Very impressed when they turned up and although I was a little nervous putting them in, it was relatively simple! You just have to make sure your eye is open wide enough to apply the lens to your eye and then move it into position! 
Getting them out proved a little trickier but the key is to swipe it down to the bottom of your eye then pinch it out... Like I said, I was a little nervous at first but now i've done it, I know that next time will be so much easier! 

I absolutely loved the colour of these Aqua ones and they are last for 30 days too! So i'm going to try and get another few uses out of these before they expire.

If you want to try these lenses or have a look at their other products go here to view their range of lenses. 

Have you tried contacts like these? What did you think!? 


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    1. Thank you! I loved being a blue-eyed girl for the day but was glad to see my brown eyes at the end of it!


  2. I just can't imagine pinching something off my eyeball.. the idea makes me cringe! these look beautiful tho! xx

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    1. It did with me too i'd never used them before but it really wasn't that bad!! :)



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