Friday 22 February 2013

Voucher Codes & Discounts*

We all love a bargain right!? Well, most of us will completely forget to take advantage of voucher codes whenever purchasing something online or even in store. You may think that it's just students that can claim the luxury of getting money off items in certain shops, but you're wrong! 

With companies such as GrouponWowcher, Vouchercodes and lovemyvouchers there are discount codes / discounted prices out there for everyone to use. All it takes is a quick sign up and away you go, you are able to access thousands of discount codes for hundreds of different companies. 

Although Groupon and Wowcher wouldn't necessarily class as a 'discount code' and you can't use them online or in store, the offers they have on their website are fantastic and you can find yourself saving £££'s off deals from holidays to everyday items such as knives and beauty products.

Vouchercodes IS one that you can use in stores... if you download their app it lists different discount codes that you can use in stores around you and these can vary from restaurant discounts, store discounts and freebies too! All you have to do is download their app, load the relevant voucher and show it to the shop assistant at the checkout & voila, you've saved yourself some cash! 

Lovemyvouchers is another great way to get discount when shopping online. Just type in the store / category you are looking to purchase (travel, computing, shopping etc) and see if they have a code for you to use! It will be a simple code that you can copy and paste into the 'discount code or promotional code' box at the checkout. It's worth checking out every time you're making an online purchase as you could be saving up to 25%! 

For all you students out there you get the luxury of student discount in hundreds of places from Topshop to McDonalds but did you know that with Unidays, you get more discount just from showing them the app on your phone!? Preferably you need to have a university email to sign up and then you can download their app to your smartphone to use when you are out and about. 

NUS extra cards also offer the similiar discount as you can enter your NUS number at the checkout of many online retailers or show the cashier your card in stores! Reek these rewards students, you can't afford not too! These are available online for £12.
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  1. Groupon is brilliant, I've bought loads of different things from there. Quidco is also a good one, it's a cashback site with a massive range of participating retailers x

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