Monday 11 February 2013

Valentines Glossybox

I haven't done a post on Glossybox for a while as I never really remembered that I could and since joining Blogger, I know people actually read my posts so thought i'd share what I got in this months Glossybox. 

If you aren't aware, Glossybox is a beauty box subscription that you get each month. It contains 5 sample sizes (sometimes full size) of products that are new, unique or popular. It's £10.00 per month (plus p&p) and I have been having it since summer last year.

 I enjoyed getting it to start with but then felt the quality of the boxes started to go down hill a little. There has been a little bit of controversy amongst #bbloggers about whether it's worth it and I have to be honest, it's definitely worth the £10 you pay but some months, the products in the box just aren't what you'd hope for.  

Here's what was in Februarys Valentines Special...

Miners Cosmetics Lipstick - A full size lipstick is always a bonus and even though
i've never heard of the brand before it's a gorgeous shimmery colour. Perfect for
adding a shine to that pout for Valentines day! 

Anatomicals Shower Gel - This is something I wouldn't really expect to get in a 
glossybox because its easy to come across and isn't really what i'd want to get when
there are so many other products of its kind. It does smell really good though & i'm 
looking forward to using it! 

Micabella Cosmetics Mineral Make-up (eyeshadow) - A brand i'm not familiar
with but the colour and pigmentation of this is beautiful. I love a sparkly natural 
shimmer on my eyes and this does just that! I'd definitely buy the full size!

Sassoon Professional Spray Shine - I'm not really one to use hair products as my
hair goes greasy quite easy but for a well-known brand and nearly £15.00
for the full size, i'll give it a whirl! 

MeMeMe Mascara - This was a full-size sample and I was really pleased when I 
opened it as I love mascara! For what i've used of it so far, its doing a good job! 

Unfortunately, I think this may be my last Glossybox for a while now... I'm going to start 
start having £10 a month for a single product that I know i've wanted. 
An idea I got from Tattooed Tealady.

Do you have a beauty box subscription? Do you like it? 


  1. Very interesting! I didn't enjoy my glossybox, I had two but I do love the look of this one! What annoys me is the wait- say I bought one today and then it wouldn't come for aaaages! I just don't think it's worth the money- it's exciting but when it's bad, it's disappointing! Xx

    1. Yeah i get what you mean .. its a shame because they could involve so many good products that you wouldn't naturally buy yourself but i'm finding the products more and more 'popular' or boring if you like. Its not the best but i did enjoy it for the first few months! Just rather use that money towards something else now!


  2. I was subscribed to Glossybox since the beginning then after about a year I unsubscribed cos they got absolutely awful! THEN I resubscribed for this box and I wish I hadn't! I really do think they're mostly a waste of money. I'm gonna give next month's a go then I'll probably unsubscribe again haha. It's just the surprise I like!

  3. Yeah i unsubscribed for a few months from september till december then got the december one on a 3 month subscription because they had 30% off I think. Im going to start using the £10 a month to buy real tech brushes until I have them all I think (or something else if I stumble across it ;))



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