Friday 15 February 2013

Sleep In Rollers

Every girl has heard of rollers, right? Have you heard of Sleep in Rollers? 

Sleep in Rollers recently ran a competition on twitter for reaching 30,000 followers & to say THANK YOU to their customers for their support - they were giving 10 prizes away, every hour; on the hour. All you had to do was share your love for them by tweeting #lovegivingback as that's what they were doing. They were giving back to their customers as a way to show their appreciation for the brilliant reviews they receive on their products. 

I, being the lucky so & so I am WON! I was so happy that they RT'd one of my tweets & had chosen me as their 4pm winner (although my boyfriend still thinks I bought them rather than won them haha)! I instantly thanked them again personally & was excited as to what I had actually won. Guessing it was going to be a set of rollers I was super impressed when they said they were being dispatched that same day! 

They came today and my, my, my! I didn't just win the rollers... I won a bottle of Spray Sun fake tan and 10 (yes, 10!) pairs of false eyelashes! I couldn't believe it, i'm so happy and SO impressed with the standard of prize they have given to 10 lucky people! Thank you Sleep Rollers

The pack came with 10 medium sized rollers & 10 small sized rollers as I have short - medium length hair and felt the big rollers would be too much for my hair. I have managed to do the whole of my head with only 14 rollers! First attempt tonight though so I will do another review on them when i've got used to using them. For now, lets see how I sleep & what the results are when I wake up! 

Thanks again Sleep Rollers!! 


  1. ooooh congrats! What a great prize! Looking forward to seeing the review! :) xx

    1. Ah thank you!! I need to figure out how to use them before I do a review aha - I used them the other day but they were so messy I need a few practise runs i think! :)



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