Tuesday, 26 February 2013

RANT - Chockers Shoes

We all have a moan and groan sometimes but this one, I felt I needed to share with you all as I imagine I'm not going to be the only one that has experienced it...

For my birthday, my boyfriend bought me some gorgeous shoes from Chockers Shoes but unfortunately, they were way too high and unsuitable for me! I just knew that I wouldn't be able to walk in them. So, he sent them back in return for a refund. After about 2 weeks, he got an email saying that they could not refund him as he was over the return period (by 2 days) and that he would need to pay £4.00 for the shoes to be returned BACK to us. 

If this wasn't annoying already, to have to pay more money to get an item back that we didn't even want, the postal order that he sent and paid for was sent back to us saying it was refused at the company! So by now he had paid £45.00 for the shoes and £4.00 for a postage label to still not have any shoes...

He got in touch with them via email, as there is NO CONTACT NUMBER, and kept receiving the same response: "Please send us your order number and a member of our head office will be in contact..." Over the period of 6 weeks, this was all he were getting. We tweeted them too and got exactly the same response... To say we were getting pissed off is an understatement! 

He was then sent a further email with a link on to pay another £4.00 for postage so that the shoes could be sent back to us... Better than paying for something we don't even have I guess. He went ahead and paid this in hope the shoes would be returned. A week or so passed and he received another email saying "Unfortunately, we have no size 5 in stock at the moment." So they had actually sold OUR shoes that we had paid for and now didn't have any to send back to us! FUMING!! 

After paying £53.00 in total we were still without any shoes and without any decent form of contact. Luckily, after emailing them, tweeting them and also sending them a very blunt message on Facebook, Adam finally received an email saying that they would be issuing him with a refund for the shoes; 7 weeks later of course! 

There is still NO CONTACT NUMBER for Chockers even though they have stores and a depot, do not think it's easy to get in touch with them as it isn't. Their customer service is the worst i've ever experience and the fact you have to pay for your own items to be returned back to you is ridiculous. It's safe to say I will NEVER be using their services again. They have also blocked me on twitter so I am unable to follow them and I cannot view their Facebook wall either. Great way to say thanks to your customers!

Have you ever used Chockers Shoes before? What was your experience like!?