Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My Make-Up Storage

Just a warning - I don't know how this is going to turn out but i'm going to give it a go just so you can see where I put my face on in the mornings & how I store my make-up! 

I don't have a huge amount of make-up, just a 'normal' amount (if there is such thing). I have my favourite things and my go-to's as well, but I do try and keep the minimum amount of make-up as it just gets clogged up & I forget to use most of it. 

So, here's the general layout of my dresser / bedside table / make-up storage...

I love how Glossybox's come in handy for storage once you've messed up your living room with the crate paper that comes inside it...

Wooden Storage box - Ikea
Brush holder - Car boot Sale
Jewellery box - Vintage family pass-down
Mirror - Ikea
Bunny - Topshop
Eye mask - Ebay

Messy jewellery box, but at least it's all in one place! 

 My bunny is one of those microwavable warmers but I heated the lavender bag up for too long & burnt it so now he's a holder for necklaces & my eye masks!

Bottom 2 drawers are my 'junk' drawers - one is for hair donuts & the little box has all my hair grips / bobbles in ... then the next drawer is full of JUNK! Paracetamol, mirrors, setting spray, brush shampoo, tweezers etc etc etc!

Next up is my lips & eye drawer. I try and have all lipsticks / liners in the left side and all my mascaras / eyeliners / eyebrow pencils in the other. It does get messy sometimes but a quick sort out solves it! 

And then the top drawers are my bracelet and palette drawers. The bracelet drawer is a little messy (oopsi) but it has everything I wear as arm candy in there including watches (and some trusty cocoa butter)! The palettes I have are:

Sleek iDivine
HD Brows
Primark Eyeshadows
(and a glossybox one that i've never used)!

My bedside reads at the moment are Tulisa's Autobio & my Listography journal (there is also a pregnancy one stashed under the boxes but didn't take a photo of that one) 

Again, a great storage for nail polishes! Thanks Glossybox

Now, this is where it becomes a bit of a mess. I have divided my drawer up into sections but it just doesn't seem to look neat so I do my best at splitting it into sections & keeping it that way...

 Face products including:

Moving across to my nifty collection of false eyelashes! If you haven't seen these on eBay, go check them out! 99p for 10 pairs (although you have to wait 3 weeks, they're worth a bulk buy)! I also bulk buy white eyeliner too as I can never seem to find any when I need some! 

More face products, including:
Colour sticks

Last, but not least, are my eyeshadows & lip products. I try and keep these separate because the tins of lip scrubs / vaseline get all greasy and make the eyeshadow pots sticky too, so I just used a lid of a Glossybox and made a little separator! 

It may not look all that but it does the job & suits me just fine. I know where things are, although it may be messy, if I put it there - it stays there normally! 

Do you have a storage system for your make-up or beauty products!?