Saturday, 2 February 2013

February wish list

7 months into being pregnant and all I want to do is shop!! But, there is a slight problem ... 

1. I'm skint.
2. No 'normal' clothes fit me & maternity clothes are just a big no, no. 
3. There are so many things that I want at the moment that even if I did have money, I wouldn't be able to get it all anyway!

This is where my wishlist comes in ... Clever old Polyvore has had a beating over the last week as i've been fooling myself by going on there to 'shop' and saving everything to my faves. Only bad thing is, I still don't own any of the items ... Maybe one day, eh!? 

Whats on YOUR wishlist this month!? 

February wish list

BOY London logo t shirt
£55 -

Topshop maternity

Wedge shoes
£55 -

River island
£19 -

Leather cuff bracelet
£40 -

Nars cosmetic

MAC Cosmetics lip makeup

Gift sets kit

Nails Inc beauty product
$17 -