Saturday, 23 February 2013

Casual Chic

I've started to feel better about not being able to buy clothes that I want to by making up wishlist idea's like this one. Whatever I put together is always something i'd wear myself and to be quite honest, I lust over it massively. I enjoy putting it all together as it shows off my sort of style & if you haven't noticed by now... I'm definitely a trainer kind of girl! Can't go wrong with a decent pair of sneaks on your feet! I can't wait to start shopping for 'normal' clothes again and it'll be summer by then too, yay! 

What's your style!? Do you like wearing something more than other things!? 
Casual Chic

Black dress
$18 -

Leather vest
$235 -

River island
$84 -

Vintage bracelet
$37 -

Boy london
$46 -

Creme eyeliner
$5.72 -

$7.63 -