Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Baby Shower

After weeks of preparation (because i'm stupidly organised) the day of the Baby Shower finally came! 

On Saturday, I celebrated the fact that i'm going to be Mummy to a Baby Girl at the end of April! I know it's an American Tradition but, it was a good excuse to get all the girls together as it's hard to do that when some are off working, some are a univeristy and some can't drive. I have always had the benefit of having different sets of friends too since I was at school, then going to college and university and now living away from the town I grew up in - I have about 4 different sets of friends that I try and make time to see but it very rarely happens. 

Luckily, everyone apart from 2 people turned up on Saturday and I was so happy to see everyone! It was the first time some of my friends had seen me since they found out I was pregnant so it was a bit of a shock seeing me + bump! I had friends come up from Cornwall, London and over from the other side of Birmingham too, so thank you all for making the effort.

I had a lovely day / night and little miss was spoilt rotten!! We ended it in the pub where Adam had had a few too many Guiness' and entertained us by Air Guitaring in front of the local pub singer. Here's a snap into what went on during the night...


I just have to add an explaination as to what this book is... one of my best friends managed to get hold of some baby photos of me (with help of my mum) and put together a book for my little girl so she can read it when she's older. She filled it with pictures of me, pictures of my closest friends and university friends and then pictures of Me & Adam. She left it un-finished so that I can finish it and fill it with pictures of my pregnancy, bump, scan photos and then photos of her birth so she can see it all when she's old enough to understand. I cried my eyes out  looking through the whole thing and I absolutely loved it! Thank you Jessica x

I also have a quilt that is being made by my Grandma out of rags that everyone bought with them on the night. Its something to keep for the baby when she's born and it's also a piece of everyones life stitched together for her. I can't wait 'til it's finished and I get to see the final piece, it's full of memories and i'm sure she'll treasure it for a long time too! 

Have you ever been to a Baby shower or are you planning on having one!? Let me know!!