Friday, 8 February 2013

Baby Clothes Haul

If some of you have noticed, I did a mini poll on my blog to see if you would like to see a Baby Clothes Haul - and you did! I have started to buy some little bits & bobs for the little one now as its only 12 WEEKS till she's due! Its not anything special but there are some cute outfits in amongst it all so thought it would be cute to show you what i've got so far. 

Most of this has come from George at ASDA unless otherwise stated ...

First off I have 'First Size clothes' which is normally up to about 12lbs (so tiny)

*Coloured vest from a friend*

 *Booties from a friend*

Next up is the 0-3 month things. This is from around 12lbs - 22lbs, dependant on the size of the baby. This is where outfits start getting REALLY cute! 

*Baby grow from a friend*

We love this vest, as Adam DJs its perfect for her! *Vest from a friend*

*Leggings from a friend*

*Ballett shoes from a friend*

And I also have a few 3-6 month and older clothes, just because they were in the sale at Christmas and I couldn't resist!! 

I need to get some head bands with bows on for her (i'm hoping she has hair when she's born) and also a few more vests / baby grows etc but we've been given another pile of stuff too so she has lots & lots of outfits to be worn. 

I can't wait till she's here now ... Hurry up Baby B!