Sunday 27 January 2013

Selfridges Haul

Trying to spend a voucher on stuff you know you want to try but just can’t decide on exactly what to get!? Yep, I had that problem. My uncle bought me a Selfridges Giftcard for Christmas & initially I wanted to try out some MAC products – but the failed attempt of looking at the MAC counter in Selfridges left me still wondering what I should try out.
So, after numerous visits to their website, I decided to get some sort of make-up that was a little cheaper & could get more of (for the time being) and then later in the year, take a trip back to the MAC counter and try their Studio range.

Lip liner – Fearless £5.00 – The pigmentation on this lip liner is incredible. I only have one other lipliner and its for a shade of lipstick that I don’t really wear much of. Because (hopefully) spring is coming up, i’m taking myself away from the dark vampy reds and onto the pinks and corals to lighten my face. I’m hoping this will help with no only the colour but also the length of time the colour lasts on my lips.

Lipstick – Ohh La la £8.00 – Brilliant colour pigmentation for a lipstick and when I wore it, it didn’t seem to dry out my lips. I love lipstick but the thing I find most annoying with most is that I have to really moisturise my lips beforehand else they go all chapped and flaky, eugh. Top marks for this one though, can’t wait to get my wear out of it!


Eyeshadow palette – Lost in Time £16.00 – This has been a palette i’ve had my eyes on for a while now. I did want one for christmas but Santa must have forgot, So, when I spotted it, it was first in my basket! All shades are useable which is what I look for most when buying an eyeshadow palette. Normally you get at least one colour you know you’re never going to use but with this one, i’m excited to use them all!

Nail polish – Amethyst £6.00 - Everyone loves a metallic nail-polish and when its a two/toney kinda colour like this, who could refuse! Again, i’m a bit of a sucker for nail polish and although it only ever seems to last a day on my nails before getting chipped, I think this will be up there with my favourite colours!

Listography journal £11.99 – Now, if you’re thinking ‘what the hell is Listography?!” its basically a ready set journal made out of lists for you to complete. Things such as ‘places you’ve visited’ ‘famous people you’ve met’ etc etc … I guess you could call it a reminder book for all the things you seem to forget and that aren’t really worth remembering until someone asks you a completely random question. It’s definitely a keep-sake book and one to keep on show so when people come round, they spot it and want to read it! A definite if you’re a list making fanatic like me – something to pass some time on a rainy (or snowy) day! 


If you are interested in any of the items above click here to go to Selfridges online! 

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