Monday 28 January 2013

No7 ‘Beautiful Skin’ Facial Cleanser Review

We all have our own daily skincare routine and mine changes frequently but consists of the same sort of things; cleanse, tone & moisturse. When I first heard of the electronic facial cleansers I thought it was a fab idea – until I saw the price of Clarasonics!! I went into Boots the other day to have a browse at some No7 stuff as I had a £5 off voucher and for No7 products, that’s a good 50% off the RRP at least!
They have recently bought out their own Facial Cleanser in the ‘Beautiful Skin’ range which is RRP’d at £24,99 but is on offer until Mid-February for just £15. Now, this is the cheapest, higher named Facial cleanser I have seen – and although it’s battery powered, I thought it would be a good investment. N07 also have a 3 for 2 promotion on as well at the moment so…. £15 for the cleanser, and 3 for 2 on products, I picked up a Beautiful Skin Purifying Exfoliator and Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser too – using the £5 voucher, A total that should have been nearly £40.00 I got for just £19.00! Couldn’t have been happier!

Like I said, it is a battery powered cleanser so I wasn’t expecting anything powerful but I was shocked when I used it for the first time. It has 2 speeds and the slower one is enough for me. It tingles your skin the first time you use it – which I guess is a good sign … and afterwards your skin feels soooooo smooth!
Step 1: Remove eye make-up & any foundation / powder with facial wipes and wet face with warm water.

Step 2: Exfoliate (twice a week) using No7 Purifying exfoliator. Wash off excess. 

Step 3: Apply No7 Foaming cleanser and blend in - then use electric cleanser in circular motions to blend in cleanser for about 30 seconds on each part of the 'T' section.
Step 4: Wash face with warm water, pat dry with towel & apply No7 night (or day) cream to face. 
Aaaaand, Ta dah! All done! I have only just started using No7 products but my skin seems to agree with it all and I will continue to use them from now on …
Keep an eye out for offers in Boots too – these £5 off vouchers are rare but extremely worth while!


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