Tuesday 29 January 2013

Most worn ... Shoes!

During December & January it has been a definite winter season - especially the last few weeks when we were hit by snow! It wasn't the time for heels or dolly shoes (although I did rock a pair of heels for Christmas day & my birthday) so my most worn shoes of the last few months have been a pair of H&M ankle boots & my trust Nike air max!

Nike Air Max 90's - Footlocker 

Black Leather / Suede style Ankle boots - H&M

They may not be your first pick of shoes for everyday wear but they both seem to go with so many outfits at the moment and they are both SO comfortable... even though I can't seem to walk around when i'm out as much as I used to, I find that both of these shoes can last me a good few hours before I have the urge to throw them off my feet! 

Doubled with leggings, a dress, tights, joggers - anything you feel like wearing ... these bad boys seem to do the job just fine! 

What shoes have you been wearing most this winter?! 


  1. I Love those Nike Airs! so Retro! hah xx

  2. Guys I cant remply to your comments for some reason :(

    But thank you haha! Xx


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